Outdoor or Traveling - Mobility Scooter, Patient Lifter, Stair Climber, Wheelchair - Excellent

There are some senior have limited mobility or handicapped people. They want to regain mobility freedom and go out to enjoy nature. So they need some assistance of mobility products. Such products are similar to home use products more or less, but difference still exist.

1.Stronger power: Outdoor using means you need faster speed and go longer distance. Stronger power usually brings higher weight capacity. Mobility scooter can gain stronger power through change a large capacity battery or high power motor. But wheelchair can’t do this. It need the help of power add-on device or called wheelchair attachment handcycle.   
2.All terrain: Driving outdoors requires not only strong power but also your mobility device to adapt to different road conditions. Our products like EXC-1005 and EXC-2004 has a perfect performance on outdoor road.


All Terrain Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooter is also a perfect walking instead tool. If you take a scooter with you when traveling, you will have a unique experience that you never feeling before. And mobility scooter and wheelchair are friendly tool for senior and the disabled. Difference exist between outdoor and traveling using.

1. Folding: Whether it is traveling by car or by other vehicle, the small size must be the first thing users should consider. Many of the scooter and wheelchair are now foldable. There is suitcase mobility scooter which is designed for traveling. Our EXC-1003 is a remoter control foldable scooter, and is airline approved can be put into trunk and doesn’t take up place.

2. Lightweight: Lightweight is also an important section. Lightweight means easy to take out and carry. Our travel scooter EXC-1003 is 28KG with lithium battery, and power wheelchair EXC-2002 is 19KG with lithium battery.

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